Kasper Welbers

Kasper Welbers is an assistant professor at the Department of Communication Science at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. His research focuses primarily on how the gatekeeping process of news messages has changed due to the proliferation of new media technologies, and how we can study these using computational methods. Initially, this mainly involved automatic content analysis of news messages, but in today's high-choice media environment merely looking at the supply of news tells us little about how news gets around. Today, Kasper is investigating data donation approaches for obtaining digital traces of news consumption choices to study gatekeeping as an interaction between the gatekeepers and the gated.
In the OPTED project, Kasper is involved in WP7 to help design an infrastructure for transparent and reproducible comparative political text analysis. In particular, he contributes to the development of reproducible and easy-to-use tools for multilingual natural language processing.

gatekeeping theory I journalism I trust I natural language processing I content analysis

Email: k.welbers@vu.nl

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